Project R.U.S.T.I.E

 Robotic User Synchronized Teamspeak Integration Environment

Rusty is

The most advanced clan management system for any online team-based competitive game
100% automatic, maintenance-free, and customizable - Set it and forget it
EVERYTHING directly integrated into TeamSpeak
Bring your clan together as a centralized community
Integrates with any current systems you have

Stop worrying about clan maintenance and get back to doing what you do best

All the tools you need to run your clan your way


Extremely intricate and powerful security
User accounts+roles synchronized with Wargaming every 5 minutes
Attendance tracking and gold payout calculation
Battle schedule notifications + extended details
Team builder with locked tank tracking
Member join/quit notifications and inactive tracking
Clan wars battle history and replay archival

And this is only the beginning

RustyReplay compatible with 9.9 and CW 2.0

Rusty Replay is now compatible with 9.9 and will upload and process ClanWars 2.0 replays! Next time you launch it, it will auto-update and warn you that there are new options in the config. The new option is for keeping/deleting domination replays:

After you hit finish and close the info window that pops up, it will automatically re-process any CW 2.0 and domination replays you already have. 

Sno back from traveling

I've arrived and are available again. I hope to have some youtube tutorial videos made soon demonstrating the new diplomacy (multi-clan) features amung other things.

Sno will be unavailable for a couple of days.

I'm moving my family (wife and 8-month-old twin sons) to the USA, and are leaving in the morning. The drive will take 4-5 days so I'll be unavailable during that time. The server Rusty runs on won't be affected, and I should be available again shortly after I arrive.

Bot Config and Log moved

The bot config and log have been moved to a new "Rusty" section in the admin bar at the very top of the site. This is where I plan on putting any configuration type stuff that's specific to WoT and/or Teamspeak.

More details on the new Diplomacy/Multi-Clan feature to follow...

Private Messages

You may have noticed that private message capability has been added to your clansite recently (shows as "Messages" in the user menu as well as there being links to send people PM's on forum posts). Notifications in TeamSpeak by the bot have now been integrated with this as part of welcome messages (when you join your TS server) as well as instantly when you receive a new message.

The main idea behind this is to replace the god-awful "Offline Messages" system that TeamSpeak has, with a far superior system (you can even send a PM to roles instead of just an individual user). Creating a new private message "thread" can be done from your messages page (click on "Messages" in the user menu at the top right of your clansite).

At the moment, integration is limited to notifications with links to view and reply to new messages. The reason messages aren't shown in full in TS is because the format a message is saved in is in HTML which isn't viewable within TS (so you'd see all the HTML formatting markup and would look like a mess). I'm currently looking into changing/adding a text format on clansites to output to BBCode (which is what TS uses for formatting), which will be much more compatible (although it will still be subject to TeamSpeak's limitations like no images in chat messages).

On a related note, clansite forums have been massively improved for both functionality and appearance. As part of that upgrade I've added default field types for images and files to new forum topic creation as well as for replies to topics to make attaching files and images easy. A long time ago I had similar defaults which I had since removed from the clansite install scripts. So if your clan has been using Rusty for a long time you may have double image or file fields. If so, let me know and I'll clean it up for you.

Even though clansite forums are on-par (or far surpass if you factor in the maintenance free aspects) with any other forum system, I am fully aware of how much only having a single clan per clansite is a show stopper for multiclans. So I'll be starting the Diplomacy line of planned features early to create a workaround for "one bot to rule them all" which will actually be more flexible (and far easier to implement) since you'll be able to permit more then just sub-clans access to sections of your forums (like alliances).


RustyReplay 9.8 Compatible

Rusty Replay has been updated (as well as Rusty's server) to be compatible with the new format for data in 9.8 replays.

All previously known battle types should work normally. I need a replay for the new Domination battle type or the value for it (will be in the RR log file once it tries processing a Domination battle), in order to sort those.

As per usual, next time you start RR it will auto-update itself and reprocess any 9.8 replays you have now that it knows how to deal with them (so nothing needs to be done on your part).

On a side note, there was a typo where the "Skirmishes" folder was misspelled (as "Skrimishes"). That should now automatically be fixed and spelled properly.

Improved forums

Just a heads up that clansite forums have been improved. I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw a clansite that actively uses them. If someone would of told me that the forums looked like crap I would of fixed them a while ago (I'm open to any critisism, you won't hurt my feelings). Technically it's just a style change so far (though it is drastically better, especially forum threads), but more is coming: Improve clansite forums

New Attendance Pages

The moment you've all been waiting for: Click-editable monthly attendance tables!

Officers who have the proper permissions can now modify attendance data with a single click!

All modifications and activity are also tracked:

Important Notes

Permissions related to attendance have been restructured

Permission Description
View attendance View attendance data for the clan.
Record attendance Ability to use the !atn command or web pages to record and remove attendance for the current day only (can not modify past data).
Edit attendance Ability to record and modify attendance data since the last payout.
Administer attendance Modify any attendance data. Records that are added for a date that is before the last payout will still count towards the next payout!
Make payouts Create payouts and prepay players.

These permissions apply to the attendance pages as well as the !atn command. So someone who can "record attendance" can not use the @ option in the !atn command to modify past data, and someone who has "edit attendance" will have any dates in @ options that occur before the last payment ignored.

Start of a new payday is now hard-coded per cluster

Dealing with time zones and attendance is way more confusing and complicated then it should be when dynamically setting the start of a new payday (and was prone to bugs). So I've decided to hell with that and now use designated time zones for each gaming cluster for storing dates in attendance records and determining when a new payday begins

Cluster Time Zone

GMT Offset

Asia Asia/Muscat +04:00
EU Atlantic/Bermuda -04:00
NA US/Samoa -11:00
RU Atlantic/Bermuda -04:00

The reasoning behind the zones I chose is so that a new payday begins early in the morning relative for your cluster's primetime and not at midnight (since battles for the day often can go past midnight).

Next Up: Attendance Types Smile-izmena

This is going to be a massive upgrade (and will be ridiculously awesome). One part of it will be redesigning the payout calculation algorithms, so if you have a certain method you use to determine amount of gold to give to players that differs from the way Rusty currently calculates it, or there are any additional options you'd like... now is the time to tell me about them.